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New publication by Fabian Thiel: Support for city road tolls: a question of self-interest?

Fabian Thiel in Research Handbook on Environmental Sociology


City road tolls could effectively help to improve the low air quality in cities in many places. Nevertheless, the introduction of such a measure is widely considered unpopular. This paper examines the factors that influence attitudes toward a hypothetical city toll in Munich. The data basis is a survey conducted in Munich and some surrounding municipalities in early summer 2018. The toll models presented for evaluation receive quite low approval overall. However, there are also clear differences between groups of respondents who would be affected by the introduction of such a toll to varying degrees – both in terms of changes in individual mobility behavior or air quality at their place of residence. Support for the toll models presented varies depending on their specific design, for example with regard to the amount of the toll charge or the strength of the expected air quality improvements. The aspects that are considered to be particularly important (e.g., whether or not there will be toll exemptions for residents) again differ between the aforementioned subgroups.

The full article is published in the Research Handbook on Environmental Sociology: