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Societal and Political Attitudes 2016

In spring 2016, a survey regarding societal and political attitudes was conducted across Bavaria. The study’s focus was on the concept of ”group-based homophobia”. The question therefore was in how far negative attitudes towards certain groups exist among the population and what factors are related with such attitudes. The aspects under review included themes like hostility to Muslims, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, disparaging homosexuals and long-term unemployed people, anti-Ziganism, “classic” racism, and disparaging refugees. Group-based homophobia is a widespread phenomenon in Bavaria, above all as far as the disparaging of Muslims, long-term unemployed people, Sinti and Roma, and refugees is concerned. In contrast, hostile attitude towards foreigners in general and classic racism has hardly been mentioned. Women tend less to group-related homophobia when compared to men. A strong identification with Germany and little trust in political institutions go hand in hand with more group-related homophobia. Furthermore, effects related to education were clearly visible.

The results of the survey, in which 1731 people took part, are now available.

Download Results Report (PDF in German, 1.5 MByte).

In a separate report, the findings for the state capital Munich have been presented.

Download Results Report Munich (PDF in German, 1.2 MByte).

A presentation of the results can be downloaded here (PDF in German, 1.4 MByte).

Contact: Werner Fröhlich (E-Mail), Christian Ganser (E-Mail)