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Housing and Living Situation in Munich 2017

In Winter 2017, randomly selected Munich households were interviewed with regard to their housing situation.Existing research on the housing market frequently raises the question as to whether there might probably be properties in the real estate sector that are not offered on the open market, but are assigned in a more informal way. Indeed, hardly any research exists in Germany regarding the impact of an individual’s personal environment on the search and acquisition of a new home. Especially on the Munich housing market, which is well known to display a substantial surplus demand, it is definitely feasible that particularly attractive homes are directly passed on by tenants moving out to people from their circle of acquaintances. First indicators can be discovered in the City of Munich’s rent index (2017). The results show that apartments found via an individual’s personal contacts are closer to the comparative local rent than is the case for other search strategies (e.g. via online platforms).

Nevertheless, there are further important determinants for real estate apart from the price, which are of relevance for “good” living. The survey of the Munich resident population is designed to reveal further findings and is to look, amongst other things, into people’s satisfaction with their own homes as far as their location, equipment and condition is concerned.

You will find a first report of results on this site in Summer 2018.


Contact: Dr. Stefanie Heyne, Dipl.-Soz. Maximilian Sonnauer